With a constantly growing range of online providers, customer expectations are at an all-time high. Parcels should arrive at their doorstep quickly, preferably tomorrow, free of errors and undamaged - and be just as easy to return if something is wrong. However, alongside marketing strategies, new product lines and the development of an efficient website, logistics are often neglected by many online retailers. This particularly affects picking. Hundreds of orders have to be put together, packed for transportation and dispatched every day, and without the right logistics setup, mistakes can easily happen.


This error rate clearly noticeable. Time pressure increases and the wrong item is packed or an item is forgotten. These errors not only affect the costs per shipment, but also increase the service effort for returns and questions, which ultimately affects customer satisfaction. With so many competitors, you can quickly lose your customers to the next best provider. It is therefore important to keep the error rate as low as possible.


 But how can you avoid these mistakes? You need a sophisticated logistics setup.


Table of contents:


    1. External fulfillment - but in the right way!
    2. And if something does go wrong?
    3. Conclusion


External fulfillment - but in the right way!


What is the best way to learn from mistakes? With experience. This is where external fulfillment providers come into play. They have the necessary experience and allow you to concentrate on your core business.


But which fulfillment provider is the right one for you?



Automation is the be-all and end-all


Mistakes are usually man-made. It is therefore worth looking for a fulfillment provider with modernized processes and digital warehouse management. This will allow you to increase your efficiency in no time at all.


For example, through a fully automated Auto-Store system, which enables order pickers to process orders quickly and reliably and permanently reduce the error rate or through inspection processes such as an automatic final check at the packing table, which registers deviations using the weight of a parcel. A fulfillment solution that suits your needs. Our network of over 1,000 locations can cover all desired services and offers you maximum flexibility for your order processing. Simply tell us what you need and we will find the right logistics partner for you.


Smooth processes through software integration


Another decisive factor for your success is the smooth connection of your store system to the warehouse management system (WMS). Our cloud-based software WH1+ provides you with a seamless connection with which you are always up to date thanks to real-time data. You can view and manage orders, returns and your stock at any time via your personalized dashboard. To ensure that all your products are booked correctly, we will guide you through the connection step by step.


And if something does go wrong?


Of course, errors cannot be completely ruled out. In this case, you should provide your customers with a simple returns process. After all, incorrect orders are already annoying enough. It becomes even more annoying if both you and your customers lack the necessary means to process the return properly. An end customer portal can help. It makes it easy for your customers to return items without time-consuming registration and you are informed directly about the returned item.




To minimize errors in fulfillment, you should continuously review your business model and invest in a powerful software solution. The experience of a fulfillment provider enables you to optimize your fulfillment processes and thus increase customer satisfaction.


Remain competitive with Warehousing1


Are you and your company currently facing challenges in logistics? Then Warehousing1 is the right partner for you. Our logistics experts will be happy to advise you on optimizing your fulfillment and returns processes. Make an appointment today for an individual one-to-one meeting.